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40th Reunion!! August 2-4, 2013

Front (L-R):  Brad Swan, Dan Boyd, Julie Thomas, Nancy Stockwell Richardson, Ron Vietmeier, Randy Wendt, Mike McGinty, Diane Sinclair Mabbutt, Paul Rainer, Chris Fenwick, Dave Eschen, Dwight Bell, Chris Lynch.

 Middle: Sue Hovey (Teacher), Jennifer Barrett (Teacher), Sandy Bussanich Wood, Lecia McCoy Luft, Chris Wolf Rudeen, Kathy Montgomery Vietmeier, Bobbi Thompson Smith, Linda Emerson Wood, Mary Clark Lynn, Kate Iiams, Mike Halvorson.

 Back:  Lynda Bloomsburg Mong, Sheri Van Buskirk Scott, Vicki Bennett Jahns, Rob Walker, Robin Reid, Robin Warren Shoemaker, Mike Bremer, Marigay Cone, Susie Valder Jones, Scott Westwood, Becky Hansen Schluter, Karin Martinson Larson, Helen Stage Unruh, Jody Nelson Velasco, Paula Sorweide Miller, Mike Rush, Val McLam Black, Tanny Campbell Clarkson, Rob Bode, Ann Pelton Williams, Mark Miller, Carla Thompson Bingman, Mike Helbling, George Noble, Wayne Olson, Mike Schroeder, Mike Bailey, Sue Watts Eschen, Steve Aldrich, Jeri Miles Rainer, Keith Gunther, Dennis Lew, Tom Jacksha, Sandi Mattox Ankney, Rick Felton, Lajeanne Proctor, Pat Coonrod, Neil Smith, Ginger Brooks Harris, Dave Budge.

 Attending but not pictured:  Stan Smith (Teacher), Ralph Cleveland, Debbie Grassl Jensen, Kathy Kirkland, Patty Konen Stout, Jim Schulke, Doug Stivers.

 Photo Credit:  Mike Beiser Photography

The Reunion Book with classmates stories is available by email. Email paula for a copy.

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 Keith Packard passed away October 14, 2015. See "In Memory" Page

Robert Michael Scoles passed away Septemeber 26, 2014. See "In Memory" Page

Mike McGinty passed away February 10, 2014. See "In Memory" Page

Bill Duncombe passed away May 11, 2013.  See "In Memory" Page

Lori Hundtoft Harmon passed away May 15, 2012. See obituary here.

Bill Wernecke passed away on June 23, 2011.  See "In Memory" Page

Randy Farlee passed away on or about July 17, 2010.

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35th REUNION ~ August 1st & 2nd ~ 2008

It was a blast! If you missed it.,. you missed it! See you in 2013!

Front Row, Left to Right: Bob Tanabe, Dave Eschen, Dan Barnes, Jeri Miles Rainer, Ron Vietmeier, Jon Kimberling, Wayne Olson.

Second Row, Left to Right: Sandy Bussanich Wood, Karen Hedler Hall, Mary Clark Lynn, Linda Emerson Wood, Carla Thompson Bingman, Diane Sinclair Mabbutt, Jody Nelson Velasco, Betty Iverson Bohn, Kathy Montgomery Vietmeier, Karin Martinson Larson, Sue Watts Eschen, Mike McGinty.

Third Row, Left to Right: Grant Youmans, Sandy Mattox Ankney, Dennis Lew, Lynda Bloomsburg Mong behind Robin Reid, Marcy Crossler Taylor, Mike Thompson, Kevin Taylor, Mike Cutting, Paul Rainer, Becky Hansen Schluter, Marigay Cone, Pat Coonrod, Val McLam Black, Mark Miller, Paula Sorweide Miller, Bruce Anderson, Vicki Bennett Jahns, Mike Bailey, Kathy Kirkland, Dan Lyon, Tom Jacksha, Ann Pelton Williams, Dave Knecht.

Those who came Friday only or were not present for this picture: Jim Browne, Ron David, Keith Gunther, Debbie Grassl Jensen, Lecia McCoy Luft, Pat O'Meara, Helen Stage Stroebel, Gloria Trautman Luther, Ron Wernecke, Chris Wolf Rudeen,

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2007 MINI REUNION ~ August 25th & 26th ~

Many thanks to Rick & Tamara Felton for hosting aboard their beautiful custom houseboat yacht.

It was a blast! Stay tuned... More pictures to come!

View pictures at the MHS73 Shutterfly site:

Those of you who were there and took pictures ~ you can upload your pictures to the collection also!

Fun Video:  THE HANDSHAKE (Will take a while to load...)

Back Row (left to right): Dan Lyon, Mike Bailey, Dennis Lew, Dave Knecht, Paula Sorweide Miller, Neil Smith, Bobbi Thompson Smith, Debbie Grassl Jensen, Wayne Olson, Kathy Kirkland

Front Row (left to right): Keith Gunther, Rick Felton, Paul Rainer, Ann Pelton Williams, Jeri Miles Rainer, Mike Halvorson, Linda Emerson Wood, Mary Clark Lynn, Karen Hedler Hall, Diane Sinclair Mabbutt, Becky Hansen Schluter

Spouses: (Left to Right): Chris Bailey Lyon (Dan's wife), Ruth Lew (Dennis' wife), Jean Bailey (Mike's wife), Tamara Felton (Rick's wife), Alan Wood (Linda Emerson's husband), Suzanne Halvorson (Mike's wife) and Virgil Schluter (Becky Hansen's husband)

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If you would like additional information on a classmate, email me and I will send it to you. (paula:)

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